Leaked: Latest images of new iPhone X

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Leaked: Latest images of new iPhone X

Leaked: Latest images of new iPhone X: As September looms, iPhone X fans are champing at the bit for any snippets of news on the latest iPhone X next gen launch. September is the month when an expected three new iPhones will be launched, as well as the iPhone SE 2 and possibly other economy handsets too. So with just three weeks to go, the rumour mills are busy churning out details of specs and techs we could be seeing very soon.

iPhone X launch

However, the latest leaked image apparently shows the latest economy version iPhone X with an LCD screen. The OLED screens have typically been used in the high-end handsets, such as the iPhone X which was launched in October 2017.

The decision to use LCD instead of OLED is a cost cutting measure by Apple to ensure a wider offering of handset availability to a wider customer market.

iPhone X pricing

When the iPhone X was launched almost two years ago, there was outrage at the price – $1000, or almost £800 for a phone – the most expansive smartphone ever launched for the mainstream consumer.

Apple has listened to the gripes and decided to expand on the iPhone X brand. Initially, the first economy iPhone was the SE. With its relatively small display but punch-packing list of tech specs, it was an instant hit with lower budget consumers. With this in mind, all the rumours are now pointing to a launch of three iPhone X models of varying display sizes and prices.

New economy iPhones

The economy version of the iPhone X will have a typically large display of 6.1 inches – but the screen will be LCD to cut on costs. The mid range iPhone X will have a rumoured 6.4 inch screen size and will more in line tech wise with the current iPhone X (although additional bells and whistles will of course be expected). Meanwhile, the top tier iPhone X will apparently be the largest yet, with a 7 inch display and some major new features that will be unveiled at the autumn launch.

In a quote for Metro, one trusted insider says the cheapest economy version iPhone X could cost as little as £450 and that Apple are ‘adopting an aggressive price policy’ on their economy handsets.

What we do know though, is that the notch will be a big feature on all the latest iPhone designs. When it was first introduced it was an unpopular and controversial design move. But now it seems to have been picked up and copied by other mobile phone giants such as Google Pixel and the latest handsets from LG and Huwawei.

The notch is here to stay, and so it seems, are economy iPhone opportunities for the consumer.

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