Nintendo Wii Repair Ipswich

It being the best selling console of its generation, we at Acefast Services see alot of Wii’s in need of repair. We stock all parts required to get your Wii back to you as soon as possible (and peace restored for parents) in the case of errors or fails. We comprehensively cover Nintendo Wii repair for Ipswich and the surrounding areas so be assured that you’re in safe fully qualified hands for your repair.

A generally robust unit, the part of the Wii that generally fails or needs repair is the laser head or the drive itself. Since the units seldom see other failures, the repair of Wii’s is certainly cost effective despite the age of the console. All game data or downloaded channels and settings are preserved with only the hardware altered. Also, as a courtesy, on every repair we will clean out the inside fans of the unit to make sure that there is a good flow of air passing through the cooling system which will also prolong the life of the unit.

wii repair ipswich

Wii Repairs

No Power from £50
Not Reading Discs £45
No Display or Sound from £50
Not Accepting (Rejecting) Discs £50
No Internet from £50
Broken Ports from £45



Any repair not listed, simply give our trained team of technicians a call on 01473 718212 and we can do a rough quote or even a diagnosis for you. Alternatively, pop by our shop on Spring Road, Ipswich. We are open 6 days a week and there is no charge to do a quick diagnosis of the issue. With the experience we have we can quickly tell you if the repair is worth carrying out say the unit is showing fails elsewhere and the repair is non cost effective.

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