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Reputation Protection Importance

Business owners are increasingly aware of the rising importance of ‘Online Reputation Management Services’. It’s actually the impression of a company on web visitors who has googled your name and see a whole array of information and in some cases stars ratings on you as a business. The reputation is the rich tapestry of information these web users are delivered in those first few pages of Google when researching your business by name. Because of the rise of review websites, user interaction and generated content along with Googles search result stars plus own Google Places for business reviews it’s essential to have control of these metrics are they can make or break conversions.

Here are our top 5 reasons to consider effective online reputation management services.

Brand Protection

With the increasing use of the internet and users generating content by way of review websites and portal apps, most customers will research your venue before giving your their patronage or using your service. Even a single comment can stick thus turning away a potential customer. Humans tend to focus on the negative and will overlook ten good reviews to only focus on the one written in haste by a disgruntled customer. The customer is always right isn’t strictly correct but addressing their issue before they take to Twitter, Facebook, Tripadvisor or Google Places for work is essential. Usually a small gratuity to appease their gripe works but if not then you need to contact them through the website that holds the reviews and look to convert it to a positive review by addressing their issue visibly.

Improve Customer Trust

A rich well managed online presence promotes trust and permeates a trustworthy aura that surrounds your business meaning customers will arrive with you already invested in you and at ease. While you cannot please everyone and one bad reviews can cause damage, a great many positive reviews and poor reviews converted to good ones by addressing a customers concern will win over many customers who can see that you care about their opinion and will work to correct issues if they arise. In actual fact there is a belief that a poor review converted to a good one has more impact because it shows that when things don’t go to plan that you’re conciliatory in tone and ready to improve that customers experience.

Improve Business Web Visibility

In the last couple of years Google have begun to put an increasing emphasis on social media and review websites when it comes to their uncheatable algorithm. Being registered and open to reviews on high page rank social media and review websites along with mentions and linking does wonders for SEO. Most customers won’t make it beyond 2 pages of Google before making their decision on who to go with so having a rich selection of hits on the first page is golden for brand visibility. The social media compliments your own website and being open to reviews by creating the online entries on social media and review sites works heavily in your favour.

Increase Business Customer Base

Being on all of the social media and review websites relevant to your own business is key in driving up your customer base of customers that will then look to retain. One of the reasons businesses fail in the first year is that they struggle from the lack of organic customer base established businesses have gained over their years in business. Some businesses could stop their marketing and while growth might cease the drop off would be smaller than expected due to the strong customers they have created over the marketing spent in years gone by. Creating your core customers is something that startups struggle with but the correct online reputation management can create trust, develop SEO to get their name out there and speed up the process of creating that all essential collection of customers and businesses who return and are to be treated well and taken care of.

Improved Marketing ROI

Its all well and good to have top positions on google but some of the time businesses do not get the footfall or inquiries to match the traffic. One of the most popular words used on the tailend of brand names is “reviews”. This is often the second port of call after finding that you supply the service they need so it’s essential that this extra level of engagement is positive and encouraging or they may return to google for a second search thus landing on a competitor who has accrued a better online reputation.

In short, online reputation management services either self managed in house or by a marketing company are essential in maximising your marketing spend, creating core business and instilling trust in new customers who have stumbled upon your name.

We at Acefast provide bespoke online reputation management services and are happy to offer no obligation quotes to companies looking to outsource their reputation management, create a trustworthy online visibility or create a funnel for healthy reviews.

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