Only 11 days left: iPhone Battery replacement deal



Only 11 days left: iPhone Battery replacement deal


Only 11 days left: iPhone Battery replacement deal: Were you one of the many thousands of iPhone users who were left feeling drained (geddit?) following the great iPhone battery scandal of 2018?

If so, it’s time to claim your rights and get the most out of your scandal-hit iPhone. There are only 11 days left to buy a new battery for your iPhone and the reduced rate of £25 per unit.

The price tag of an out-of-warranty battery will set back iPhone users a hefty £65 – and an even more sizable £79 for older models. That’s a high price to pay at this already expensive time of the year.

Users eligible for the reduced battery rate are those using iPhone 6s and up, with a visible low battery icon. After January 1st, the deal will no longer apply, and full price will be charged to those affected by the iOS battery scandal.

Tech giant Apple have offered their apologies for the incident – and have been fined (in Italy anyway) for their part in the scandal. But despite the hubris, they have formerly stated they will not be extending the deadline on the reduced price battery deal.

There was uproar earlier this year when a young tech blogger revealed he had discovered Apple had been deliberately slowing down older generation iPhones using the latest iOS updates – to apparently preserve battery life and power.

Apple were then accused of fraudulently attempting to force users to update their old handsets. It was an accusation they hotly denied, but they soon capitulated. A public apology followed, along with a promise to replace all low and drained batteries on iPhones over the 6S models with reduced price batteries – with a 40% reduction.

For many users, this offer simply wasn’t good enough. But Apple, in its arrogance, and has stood by it’s original claim that the deliberate slow-down was supposed to help users, not cause them to upgrade their iPhone. Hmmm.

To be fair, Apple has since brought out updates to iOS that enables users to turn off features which resulted in glitching phones and power issues.

There is likely to be a rush on getting your lower costing battery as well, so if you need one, now’s the time to get your name down.  The reduced cost batteries are available for iPhone 6, 6s, 6Plus, 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

iPhone user alert:  A new iOS update has arrived

The new iOS update arrived just three weeks ago, and if you haven’t yet updated your iPhone system, we suggest you do so soon. It’s worth it. The update to iOS 12 means that glitches experienced by users following the previous updates, are now addressed, specifically for iPhone X users.

Glitches addressed in the latest iPhone iOS 12 update includes, repairing issues with eSim activations, and a single handset can now have multiple numbers running on it – and even separate carriers. No additional sim card ports are required, as the process is managed digitally. This is especially convenient for those with two phones – one for business and one for personal. It’s also handy for travellers, who can swap between networks and numbers when they fly abroad, rather than actually swapping sims etc.

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