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Phone Repair Experts?

Phone repair has been an industry that remains in the eyes of many and for the larger part of its commerce a phone screen repair service. This definition is of course correct because most of the business this industry receives is just that, phone screen repair, a few charging dock repairs, phone speaker repairs and microphone replacements. However, in some rarer cases this just doesn’t cut it and you need a rare type of phone repair service. The is where you need a phone repair expert.

iPhone Logic Board Repair

iPhone Logic Board Repair

Why a Mobile Phone Expert?

Having been in the industry for over 10 years now, Acefast know only too well that certain skills are only to be found with the experienced and professionally trained phone repair technicians. As practicers of these fine arts ourselves we list the reasons why sometimes it’s best to use a mobile phone repair expert.

  1. We can handle it whatever the issue. One gripe we often hear when phone repairs and tablet repairs come in is that it went to another company and, “They made it worse”. We never name names and believe that there is enough phone repair to go around in our industry and truth be told it probably wasn’t made worse, they just ran into something that they couldn’t solve. What started out as a simple phone screen repair has become a complete nightmare because the customer didn’t know that there was further damage inside. Phone repair experts like Acefast phone repair technicians perform diagnostic checklists before the repair to find out exactly what’s needed, inform the customer of the issue and then solve it as only phone repair experts know how.
  2. Data is priority. Apple and Google are getting really good at securing their devices and your data. This is in the one hand a good thing and in the other something of a heartbreak when your unit gets broken and winds up locked or needs a restore to function again. If you’re geek/learned enough to know the intricacies of the board then you’re able to avoid this loss of photos and phone perform data recovery. Sometimes, in fact in nearly all cases the customer is more concerned about the data recovery on the phone and not the actual unit. A phone repair expert will prioritise data first and then the unit secondary. Why? Phones repairs can be completed, damaged phones replaced and if needed upgraded. Photos when lost cannot.
  3. We can repair water damage PROPERLY. Water damage repair for phones is and remains both a worrying time for customers and a very skilled operation to complete correctly. Forget the rice method, it leaves residue on the logic board that corrodes the parts, forget the same day repair that doesn’t allow enough to time to clean the board properly, forget the things you can buy off of Amazon to mimic the effects of the rice removal, you need a couple of days minimum and for the water damaged logic board to be checked and rechecked. This is because the logic board needs to be partly disassembled and cleaned in order to remove the water and residue properly otherwise it will continue to eat away at component level, your phone suddenly stopping working 6 months later.
  4. We understand the data. When a phone shuts down, gets locked or cannot be turned back on there is always the panic that data recovery cannot be completed because it cannot be seen. In many cases this is a hard fact, your data recovery is impossible BUT sometimes it is possible to bypass some levels of the security and perform data recovery from the phones raw data. It’s not easy, it’s not always successful and you can often end up with duplicates and all manner of extra data but too much is better than not enough. This sort of phone data recovery and phone data drilling is possible by those who understand the firmware and know where to look in order to perform expert phone data recovery.
  5. Even the police use experts. Although they do have teams of experts themselves who excel in many areas that a team of mobile phone repair experts don’t, on occasion they have come to Acefast and others for advice and work. Always happy to help the law in cases where phone data is required to seek out a person or verify data, we have worked alongside the police and lent our humble skills to them to aid this process as they call upon our years of mobile phone repair expertise.
  6. We use the best replacement parts. One thing we notice on mobile phone repairs brought to us that have been repaired before by another outlet is the surprising diversity of the quality of parts used. They range from a brand new original screen that was excessively expensive to a grey market ones that went out of the back of the factory in China to a poor quality counterfeit. It’s very important to make sure that the mobile phone repair service that you use operate with high quality of parts in mind because poor quality replacement parts often simply fail 6 months in. If a shop is offering a 1 year warranty on the parts then they are confident in their products.

Mobile Phone Expert Difference?

While many many phone repair shops offer brilliant repair services and expertise that satisfy a good many customers it’s sometimes prudent to use the experienced outlets and not just a Mobile Phone shop that does screen repairs. Ending up with a half dismantled mobile phone repair that turned out to be a repair they couldn’t complete or a mobile phone failing down the road is upsetting, inconvenient and avoided if you use a service with a long history of successful complicated repairs.



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