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Phone repairĀ or rather the need for it is serious business. Let me demonstrate this to you using a brutish but most likely accurate scenario. A bunch of lads wobbling along street after a beer or ten. One of their numbers can no longer contain the excessive Budweiser in his gullet and projectile vomits. Stay with me, there is a point to this. The most likely first reaction to this is laughter and lambasting from the rest of the group. One of them reaches for their phone to capture this magical moment to cherish and show to the grandchildren but the beer strike again, in his haste he throws the phone. It bounces once, then twice and…oh no…

Phone Repair Panic

We are as attached to our phones as we are our health in many ways. While Jimmy Hendricks and other poor souls have met a demise that was helped along by vomit, no one has ever died as a direct relation to their phone receiving damage. It’s foreseeable that it may have brought on a heart attack or a nervous breakdown but no medical collation has been found between a cracked screen and human health.

So let’s circle back the lads, all comforting the poor victim of drunkus phone clutzerious syndrome. Luckily shops like Acefast iPhone Repair in Ipswich are able to solve this issue for him with an hour but preventative measures are always preferable to reactive ones.

Tempered Glass Protection?

iPhone Case IpswichTempered glass coverings landed a few years back and pretty much destroyed the need for those acne sufferer looking plastic scratch proofers that did only that, resist scratches. If, like most people you don’t like to turn your phone into a 90’s looking filofax then a tempered glass is the key. They will smash long before your screen will and when they do you simply peel it off and get another one fitted.

Heavy Duty Phonecase?

Along with the brilliant tempered glass solution it’s always advisable to have a case that covers the corners of the phone. Why? The tempered glass cannot save your screen of the impact on a corner where the full force of the drop is compounded to that point. The styling of modern phones is that the screen will take full use of the front of the phone leaving only a small bezel to protect the glass from side impact. You guessed it, it simply doesn’t. Not only do you end up with a broken screen but a corner that either needs reshaping or a complete housing replacement.

Whether it’s a tempered glass, the leather wallet style case or a heavy duty case then we at Acefast IT stock them, fit them, advise on whats best and can even do fleet protection deals to companies. Pop by for a chat or call 01473 718212.


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