Is Your Phone Ruining Your Life?

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Teenagers today are dating less, with more around 20% less putting themselves on the market in 2015 than in 2007.

It doesn’t end there, according to new data they’re also having far less sex, getting less sleep and driving less than ever. Is it because today’s teens less independent than previous generations? Or are they just phone addicts happy to place themselves onto a chair, bed or the floor and to use their phone in evening time?

“We are giving children devices that have the potential to become addictive at a time when their impulse control and judgement isn’t fully developed,” ventures Tanya Goodin, founder of the group Time To Log Off. “We expecting them to self-regulate their use: even though we are witnessing mounting mental health issues,” the campaigner and author of OFF told the UK press.

There are mounting studies linking social media usage to the encouragement of mental illness with the most recent ones claiming that posting photos on social media and endlessly inspecting others possibly being a symptom of depression.

A new poll illustrated the harmful effects that the social media giant Instagram has on young people’s mental health, showing us  that the photo-sharing app can deepen feelings of poor self image and subsequently amplifies anxiety.

“The problem is that screen interactions do not fulfil our need to connect in the same way as in-person social interactions,” Dr Jean Twenge told the UK press. “That’s why in-person interactions are linked to better psychological well-being and screen interactions to worse psychological well-being. Screen interactions might be convenient, but they don’t provide the same benefits as in-person social interaction,” the psychologist explained.

The stats for the grown-ups are no less shocking with two thirds of Brits owning a smartphone and use it for over two hours everyday.

“Teenagers – and adults too, for that matter – have become intolerant to boredom,” stated Dr Rafael Euba. “Whilst technology is connecting people virtually, in reality, this can lead to a distancing from one another and can lead to feelings of isolation,” the respected consultant psychiatrist explained.

It is now an addiction that we are trying to overcome. Over a third of Britons have attempted a “digital detox” whereby all screen time is off limits.

Tanya Goodin regularly runs special retreats in the UK and beyond those borders, where smartphones and tablets are deposited at the door and days are spent taking walks, indulging in gardening and outdoor activates, making meals as a team and reconnecting with oneself without the constant distraction of technology and its alerts.

It’s a practise that’s been a hit with many celebrities with Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Kanye West all participating in enforced digital detoxing. Recently social media Queen Kendal Jenner did the same so if those whos careers are helped along and even dependant on social media then we might want to start doing the same.

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