Reinstalling Windows Properly, 5 Good Reasons

Reinstalling Windows laptops or desktops PC’s isn’t just something you think you might need to do, it’s a certainty in the life cycle of your machine. Even the slightest experience from Windows will tell a user that unlike other operating systems it suffers from being itself. Windows is the main problem with windows. Some users will do it once yearly, some every 6 months, others only when it gets like swimming through treacle. Some even setup their machines so securely that it wont need reinstalling for many years.

Here are 5 excellent reasons to reinstall your machine:

  1. Reinstall Windows properly and it will make it run faster. Whether you like to blog, run a home business, play about with photography manipulation software or just spread the good word of gossip on facebook these things will be far easier. Productivity is bound to increase, tasks will become less of a strain and multiple programs open at once wont cause your computers screen to turn to stone.
  2. Viruses and malware will be wiped out. Windows is an easy system in which to hide covert malicious programs within its code and registry. Good virus protection software is fine and running programs like Malwarebytes helps but there is always that chance that something has got through and hidden itself or created a backdoor to reinstall itself when removed. A windows reinstall will wipe the drive and place a fresh completely clean version of Windows upon.
  3. Windows reinstall places your data in a safer position if there is an OS failure. While removing pictures and word documents is relatively simple, how about programs that contain data saved in odd places within its own code and require the install specific template information? Particularly in business this can be a problem when Windows machines fail. Windows reinstalls reduce this risk as the operating system is back to its original position, something that erodes over time.
  4. Your computer will live longer. Because windows suffers from being windows and over time becomes slower and slower the processor will have to work alot harder to cope with the breakdown of the operating systems natural flow. When running faster the processor will be far hotter and this will shorten the life of components, heat up solder on the motherboard making contacts weaker and cause it to in effect run in the red. A reinstall relieves that pressure and you go back to a point when your laptop didn’t burn your legs.
  5. You will enjoy using your PC or Laptop again. Let’s be honest, when your computer is slow, you’re constantly in a battle to close pop ups or you have to close things down to open others it’s just not enjoyable. It becomes a chore to even complete the simplest task and this isn’t the way it should be. Using your Windows machine should be a joy as by and large it’s a very intuitively designed operating system when working well.

Once your computer is Windows reinstalled you then get to start off of the correct foot with the best Virus protection options, full proof installs of the latest versions of the software you use and to experience how it was intended to run once again. It makes sense on every level.

We at Acefast can reinstall your laptop or desktop computer and get it into a solid positions moving forward with the latest and best virus protection and user setup for you or your business.

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