Should I Repair or Replace my iPad?

Are you considering taking your iPad to a repair store like ours, Acefast Computers? Have you been thinking about getting a replacement instead, even a reconditioned one from Acefast? Choosing what to do with a broken iPad can be tricky.

In less than one decade, Apple sold more than 360 million iPads. Due to the high demand, getting your iPad replaced at an official store can be a hassle involving wiped data and over two weeks wait.

But should you replace the whole device with a new or reconditioned iPad or just get it repaired? Which option benefits you the most and which one is more affordable?

Below is Acefasts guide on whether you should opt for an Ipswich iPad repair, one of our reconditioned iPads or a new iPad.

1. Get us to check your iPad warranty.

Before Acefast repair your iPad, we can check your warranties first. You may have overlooked that you purchased an AppleCare+ warranty for your iPad when you first bought it. You can also go to Apple’s Warranty Status page online to check.

Having the AppleCare warranty isn’t cheap but it can save you money on getting repairs on the more expensive tablets. AppleCare+ is the extended warranty for Apple devices.

If your warranty isn’t expired yet, great! Take full advantage of that. If it has then no problem, Acefast can repair it for you.

2. Check if it’s better to repair or replace your iPad

If  like many you’re on a budget, your priority will be on which of the two will be more cost effective in the long run. Even if you aren’t on a budget, you should still consider these options. Is the price of a replacement going to be worth it? Could one of Acefasts Grade A refurbished iPads be a better option? Could a new one also work out better?

Depending on how damaged your device is and the cost to repair, it could be. If the damage is something as common as a broken iPad touchscreen, the repair fee could be cheaper. If you need an iPad battery replacement, it may be more expensive but isn’t outside of being cost effective.

Acefast have a range of

3. How quickly do you need your iPad repaired or replaced?

How quickly do you need your iPad? If it’s the device you use for work, you’re likely going to need it back quickly. Getting a repair through Apple can take weeks and a new one could be more than you want to spend.

Some repairs can take around 20 minutes or even less like part of a charging cable stuck in your charging port

Screen damage is the most common iPad problems. In most cases this can be done within a day or maybe two if needed. However, if the cost of the screen outweighs the cost of the actual machine that may well be into its fifth or sixth year then it’s certainly worth considering a reconditioned iPad or if you fancy splashing out then a new one.

It’s also worth considering the matter of transferring all your data from your iCloud to your iPad when you get a repair or replacement. Installing your apps and moving data can take a few hours but once started then we at Acefast Ipswich let the unit go to the customer.

4. Sentimental value? iPad repair is a must

Sometimes, it’s not the price of a new iPad that keeps you from getting a new or reconditioned one. It could be that it has sentimental value to you. It may hold memories or was owned by someone dear to you.

If you don’t want to change your iPad, the only choice is getting it repaired. Apple repair can be expensive so Acefast can repair any and all models at cost effective prices. We will of course inform you that the repair might not be cost effective but with sentimental value that isn’t a consideration.