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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the collective name for the methods used to boost your website to a higher position on search engines for terms that you would like to appear for. These methods involve work on your website known as “on-page seo” and on external websites by having them link to you for relevant content know as “off site seo”.

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Why do I need SEO?

So, you have a nice website for your business, right? It paints an impressive picture of your business and could easily persuade a visitor to contact you or purchase a product, correct? So visits to your website are going to create further customer inquires or sales? If this is the case then you need people to find the website when they search for the service or product you have to offer. An impressive website is of no use if no one ever finds it so it’s imperative that you put it to work. Picking out the terms that you think would apply to your business and working on moving your website up the search engine rankings for these terms is how you do this. So, do you need SEO? If you want more business and have a website then absolutely, you need SEO.

How much does SEO cost?

Every business is different so pricing is bespoke to your needs. You may be in a field with very little competition in the local area so only a small bit of SEO work is needed to position your website well. Equally, you may have alot of online competition so SEO work will be more intensive. Although many companies have set prices and packages Acefast price each job separately as every business has different needs, goals, budgets and capacities. We prefer to have a no pressure meeting about how your business could benefit from the potential search engine positions SEO could generate. Competitors strategies, online business viability, conversions and costs are all things we would go over in detail. Pricing each job to each customer insures that you are getting the services you need that will help your business and only those. Some tactics and methods will work for once business but be useless for another so we feel that bespoke packages are the best way to give our customers the most effective SEO spend.

How long does it take?

While this is probably the most obvious and important question it is also one of the hardest to answer. While search engine optimisation methods are known and effective against the criteria set by the leading search engines, predicting the results is very hard. Most SEO companies will advice 3-6 months to start seeing real gains but this is keyword dependent. While your website might jump to a nice high position in a matter of weeks for one keyword, another one might take three months. Because of this we suggest using 10+ keywords that relate to your business.

What actually needs to be done?

So you need SEO and feel that Acefast could be the right company to undertake it? We price each SEO job bespoke to the customer so a meeting either at our offices on Spring Road Ipswich or at your place of business. We get a feel for the business needs, how and which search engine positions can help you, discuss your budget and then complete a quote made especially for your requirements. Upon acceptance of the quote we then move onto the following processes.

Website Audit – We look through the website, its capabilities, management software and versatility to see if it can be used effectively for SEO and if not, what’s needed. Generally we are able to access and edit the relevant sections so this is a pretty clean linear process. If your website was built in the last 5 years then you shouldn’t need anything doing to it. If you do then don’t worry, we also code websites so can complete the work within the package at discounted rates.

Keyword Research – It’s very important that your website gains positions for the right terms. “Tyres Ipswich” will be a good keyword for a mechanic in the town of Ipswich but “oil ipswich” although relevant to the business won’t. Using trend data, competitor analysis and term popularity, together we create a list of strong terms that will generate the type of traffic your business requires.

On-Page SEO – We configure your website to the current requirements that the search engines favour when quantifying where you should be positioned within their ranks. This involves changing code, content, adding pages, tagging images correctly and doing everything possible on your website to insure that it’s presented in the most search engine friendly manner to maximize its potential. Over the course of the SEO we continue to work on the website in this manner. We add pages, content, refine what’s already there and make sure that all new developments in your business that need pushing get the relevant attention.

Off Site SEO – Just as important as the on-page SEO, off site SEO is the process of using relevant online directories, trading links with like minded businesses,  creaining social media prominence and submitting your website to the search engines via sitemap. Google ranks websites on a number of factors but one of the larger ones is who links to your website. Businesses and websites related to your own content and placed in the correct manner go in your favor heavily. We are experts at finding this content and placing you there. It’s essential that this is completed correctly as incorrect linking can actually hamper you. Google change their criteria often to find people spamming links to cheat this process and when they do they blacklist you from their search engine. Simply put, it needs to be done correctly and by the search engines rules. Cheating your way up the rankings can render your website useless.

What next?

Our SEO team are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 till 5:30 and 9:00 to 4:00 on Saturdays. Simply call us or stop by our offices on Spring Road, Ipswich for a chat and to arrange a consultation. We don’t pressure anyone to buy anything as we don’t think that aggressive persuasion is a good way to start any business relationship. We evaluate your needs, make our suggestions, put together a comprehensive quote and if you choose to commission us for complete SEO for you then we get to work within a week.

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