SIX amazing iPhone facts

SIX amazing iPhone facts


The iPhone is part of the fabric of our society. It’s hard to imagine life without these extraordinary gadgets. Indeed, had the iPhone never been invented, it’s very likely that today’s smartphone tech could have looked very different. Check out these amazing iPhone facts.

  • The original project codename for the iPhone was ‘Purple’. Steve Jobs insisted upon absolute secrecy while the first iPhone was being developed. Only Apple employees were allowed to work on the project – and they had no idea what concept they were working towards.


  • The iPhone was not the first device to allow voice and video chat over the internet (Skype style) In fact, another device owned by CISCO was developed at the same time as the first iPhone. Apple and CISCI reached an agreement and the iPhone by Apple, went ahead as planned. We wonder if CISCO are now kicking themselves – or if settling was worth it.


  • By 2017, Apple had sold an incredible 1 billion iPhones… That’s the entire population of India. We think that’s impressive – of course we do. But we hope that at least some of those iPhones are being recycled or maintained. If not, that’s a huge amount of e-waste to look forward too – and iPhones are built of some fairly un eco friendly components. These components need to be mined as well to build new models, which again, isn’t great for the environment. If you make the effort to repair and recycle your iPhones, as we so, it makes all the difference.


  • Google was caught short with the original iPhone design. In fact, the Android giant went straight back to the drawing board after the first iPhone was released. They completely redesigned their smartphone strategy after realizing they were dealing with a whole new tech beast. Thankfully, they now provide hot competition for Apple, which makes it better for the market in general than a monopoly.


  • Apple designed the first landline phone with a smartscreen and digital stylus pen way back in 1983. It was incredibly expensive and didn’t take off in a commercial way as it was never released and simply used as a flashy prototype. But it paved the way for iPhone technology.

  • The iPhone project originally started out as a tablet project. However, Steve Jobs envisaged the technology pocket-sized and phone-shaped. Later of course, the iPad was released. But not before the iPhone had become the world’s biggest smartphone tech sensation.

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