Should I replace my slow computer?

Should I replace my slow computer?: As computer repair experts, the answer to this question is unsurprisingly weighted in favour of a no. However, there are aspects to consider when you are thinking of repairing your laptop. And sometimes, buying new is actually the better option. Read on for more tips and advice on repairing your computer.

A slow computer is the most common reason for people deciding to upgrade their computers and laptops. However, very often, the sluggish performance is down to software issues.

Run a virus check

When was the last time you ran a virus check, for example? The reason for slow performance in a previously healthy computer is often down to viruses. Get yourself a decent anti-virus package and run some scans. Once the anti-virus has isolated the problem, delete them and re-start your computer. You may well find all those strange glitches, like a particular key not working properly, or sudden crashes of your browser – or your entire computer, stop completely.

Reorganise your files

If the problem of slow computer performance isn’t virus related, check out your hard drive capacity – and clear your RAM. Very often, a computer accumulates extra files over time. Eventually, it stops working as efficiently as it should because the memory is clogged and the RAM is taking up too much space. Reroganise your files. Go into your downloads and delete anything that you don’t need. Take off too-heavy programmes that you are not using. You can also run a C-cleaner programme to wipe off all RAM that isn’t necessary.

If you’re using heavy programmes like photoshop and video editing software, it might be time for you to trade your computer in for a faster model. Some older laptops and PCs simple don’t have fast enough processing power to run such programmes efficiently. It very frustrating to have to work on a slow machine and it affects the quality of your work. So in this case, the tools are not fitting the job, and we’d advise you think seriously about buying new. However, you can still trade in your old computer. We buy and sell secondhand laptops, PCs and monitors. We recondition and upgrade them. And then we sell them on to customers with different usage requirements.

Another good thing about this is that we are recycling your tech in the best possible way.

Try reinstalling Windows

If this still doesn’t help, try reinstalling. With Windows 10, this really couldn’t be easier, even though it sounds scary. Make a back up of your files in case any are lost in the process, and then just follow the prompts to reinstall your operating system. If you don’t feel comfortable taking the plunge and reinstalling the software, pop along to our workshop and one of our engineers will take a look at it for you. If your operating system is an older version of windows, it won’t be such a simple process.

Talk to an engineer

Finally, if none of these things work, you could probably do with an engineer taking a look, and getting their professional opinion. A new hard drive or some extra memory – or just some advice on your computer’s current capabilities and upgrade potential, will help you make up your mind regarding the cost of repair. We at Acefast Services work with all types of computers, from PC and laptops to Macs. Call us for a no fuss, honest appraisal of your repair requirements.

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