The iPhone SE 2 tech specs

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The iPhone SE 2 tech specs


The iPhone SE 2 tech specs: Apple’s economy version handset (the iPhone SE) has proven so popular, that is sales internationally, sales have  exceeded those of the iPhone X. The flagship iPhone X device of the communications and tech giant is so jam packed with space-age features that even though the infamous notch has affected it’s sales in Asia, the iPhone X plus will be making an appearance later this year.

Interestingly, the latest leaks show that the iPhone SE 2 looks set to be even more popular than it’s older, first generation sibling.  And this will be mainly down the fact that its going to be crammed with tech and features very similar to the iPhone X

iPhone SE 2: Launch date

The rumour mill went mad on this particular prediction, stating that early 2018 would be the window that saw the second generation economy smart phone enter the market. However, it’s looking increasingly likely that the iPhone SE 2 will finally be available to consumers in June 2018 – so, not much longer to wait. Or is it.. Because another source has also quoted September 2018. We’ll have to wait and see.

Iphone SE discontinued?

Again, we’re not sure if the iPhone SE will continue to be produced. But seeming as it’s been a massively popular line for Apple, it would be a strange move to shelve it. It may well depend on the Asian market. Because although the iPhone SE has been incredibly popular in this market, the trend for larger screens is growing in this sector.

What features will the iPhone SE 2 have?

The first expectations are that it will look similar to the iPhone 8. While the iPhone SE mimicked the iPhone 5 in design, it makes sense the next version up takes a design nod form a more advanced model. However, some rumours also suggest that the iPhone SE 2 will be a complete redesign job. It may have a glass back, and we’re also gunning for possible wireless charging as well. An iPhone X style screen is unlikely, but, horror of horrors, the headphone jack may not be present…

iPhone screen size

The screen will also be bigger. The iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen. The iPhone SE, will apparently, have an additional .2 inches on its older sibling. The colour range will be different too, with insiders saying it will be available in gold, rose gold, space grey and silver.

iPhone Face ID

This is big news because it means that if Face ID is included in the features, the screen will indeed resemble the style and feel of the iPhone X edge-to-edge design. It will also mean the Home button has been removed and a notch will be present. A mini iPhone X, if you like.

iPhone wireless charging

This is another cool breakthrough. Apple is very soon going to be on the wireless charging bandwagon – so it makes sense that all their latest handsets will now be wireless charge ready.

iPhone camera style

We think, although we don’t want to say it categorically, that the iPhone SE 2 will have a f/1.8, 12 megapixel camera similar the specs of the iPhone 8. There probably won’t be a bump either, and we’re hopeful that the iPhone SE 2 camera will have flat styling.

Power specs

The expectation is that the 2GB ram will not be exceeded in this model – although there will be 128 and 32GB storage options. The battery will also have a slightly higher Ah – we’re hoping it’s also not affected by updates to iOS – here’s to hoping Apple have learned their lesson on that one.

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