Top FIVE iPhone hacks 2019

Top five iPhone hacks 2019: So, you think you know all there is to know about using your iPhone? We can happily confirm that you don’t. These remarkable little devices have so many hacks and tricks to than that even we have trouble keeping up with them all. There are actually so many, that we will run a series of three blogs on the iPhone hacks subject, just to fit as many in as we can. Read on for more tips and iPhone hacks.

  • Faster battery charging in Airplane Mode

One of the big issues with iPhones is the battery life. They are also expensive to replace. Furthermore, with so many demands on them from these frankly, awesome devices, they run out of juice pretty quickly too. But did you know that if you switch your iPhone to Airplane mode while charging, your battery will charge up at least 20% faster? That’s a lot of additional charge if you are in a hurry and need your phone juiced up fast. Don’t forget to turn it back to normal mode once you’ve finished charging.


  • Take photos with the iPhone volume

This is a really useful hack if you need to take a selfie (reaching that middle camera button can be a strain on the old fingers). Simple open up camera mode and when you care ready to take a picture, press the volume increase button and your phone with take a picture. This is especially useful if you are trying to take pictures without anyone noticing.


  • Need assistance in a meeting? Type Siri questions instead

Sometimes you’re not in a position to talk. Situations such as being in a meeting, or one of your kid’s school plays, means that asking Siri out loud just isn’t convenient. Apple knows this, and has a little known feature that allows you to type her questions instead. She answers in kind. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose General
  3. Select Siri
  4. Slide the Type To Siri slider to green
  5. Activate Siri on the home screen and you’re good to type questions


  • Undo typing by shaking your device

If you’ve just spent time typing up a long message, it’s tedious to press delete and wait for the message to disappear. All you have to do is enable the ‘shake to delete’ hack in your settings menu and editing your messages will get instantly easier and more satisfying. When this setting is activated, all you have to do is give your phone a little shake and start your message again.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to Accessibility
  3. Scroll to the Interaction options and select Shake to Undo
  4. Switch the slider to green to activate the changed setting

This hack works on all iPhone models.

  • Change your keyboard into a touchpad

There’s little more frustrating than trying to select text on the iPhone screen with the magnifying glass. That’s why Apple created a way for the touch screen to become totally accessible. And using this mode literally takes seconds. You don’t even have to change any settings. Open your messaging app and use the default iPhone keyboard to edit the text. Hold your finger over any letter key. After a couple of seconds, the keyboard will disappear and you’ll be able to scroll your finger all over the screen as though it’s a tough sensitive mouse – which it is.


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