How waterproof are your iPhones XS, XR?

How waterproof are your iPhones XS, XR?


How waterproof are your iPhones?: The answer is, not very much. Therefore, submerging your iPhone in a vat of water to test it’s aquatic ability, won’t be the most sensible plan you’ve had. It’s up there with jumping off your garage roof holding and umbrella actually, but we digress.

Yes, smartphones and iPhones have moved on from a few drops of water causing total annihilation of your device. No longer do you need to panic if your iPhone falls from your back pocket into the toilet, or gets accidentally dropped in the bath. If scooped out fast and dried off well, it should work just fine.

However, we were very interested when we heard that a group of iPhone enthusiast testers from CNET News decided to find out exactly just how waterproof the latest smartphones are.

The test the users decide upon was a deep water experience for the iPhone XR’s have a water resistant rating of 30 minutes, submerged in 1 metres of water. That means if your iPhone falls into an average depth swimming pool, and you don’t notice for a little while, you should still be ok…

If you have an iPhone XS or XS Max, the depth, according to Apple, is greater and you should be able to submerge your phones in two metres for up to half an hour without too much concern. The CNET group also tested the iPhones with splashes of coffee and other liquids any loss of functionality

The real test came when the crew decided to see exactly how much depth it would take to stop an iPhone working entirely – and how long it could be submerged for. They strapped an iPhone XR and an iPhone XS to an underwater drone, and submerged them in Monterrey Bay in California, to see how well the iPhones would fare.

The first stage of the test took both the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS down to two meters. The iPhone XS is meant to withstand this test, although the iPhone XR’s maximum depth underwater is 1.5 metres. After submerging them for five minutes, the team brought them out and dried them off, to find no functionality had been compromised by the test.

iPhones three metres underwater

The same test was repeated again at three metres depth, and again, both iPhones emerged without reduced functionality. In other words, they still worked perfectly. Even the XR, which is only supposed to withstand a depth of 1.5 metres as per manufacturers advice.

iPhones five metres down and counting

At this point, the team decided to put both iPhones fully to the test by dunking them for 19 minutes at five metres under water. Again though, both the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS emerged unscathed from the experience – and worked just fine once back on dry land.

The final dunk for the iPhones

The team continued to submerge the iPhone XR and XS until they got to a depth of 8 metres under water. At this point, the iPhone XR began to glitch, showing the first signs of water damage occurring.  The iPhone XS however, continued to work perfectly well.

The team then decided to end their test with the demise of the iPhone XR, which once on dry land, showed some damage – but it wasn’t completely kaput.

The CNET team were surprised at how well both devices had help up under the test. They said:

“After pulling both phones up to the surface, the iPhone XR was completely down for the count. We dried it off and tried to turn it on, but nothing. Removing the SIM card tray resulted in a big splash of water coming out of the cavity.

“That wasn’t all. The iPhone XR also looked like it had developed a slight bulge in the screen, as it separated slightly from the side of the phone (this was the same side as the SIM tray).

“Bear in mind again that the phone was submerged to around 8 times the depth it was rated for, and it had been dunked for sustained periods previously as we went down into the bay. The fact that it survived up until this depth was a genuine surprise.”

They added that they were seriously impressed with the complete lack of water damage shown by the iPhone XS. Not even the LCI (liquid contact indicator) had been triggered by the experiment. And a week later the iPhone XS was still working perfectly well, as though the underwater adventure had never happened.

All this is great news if you are accident prone with your iPhone – particularly around water. But do be aware that water damage is not covered under your warranty, and water can cause significant damage to your smartphone devices. Not all smartphones are as resilient as the iPhone XS and we at Acefast Services, DO NOT RECOMMEND that you repeating these tests with your devices, just to see if your phone survives. However, read on for a list of tips about what to do if you do have a water mishap with your iPhone.

1# Water resistant does not equal waterproof

Water resistant simply means your phone probably won’t be damaged if you have a minor mishap. It will be splash proof and should survive being dunked in the bath. However, submerges of more than a few moments won’t be good.

2# Water damage can be caused over time

Your iPhone might be fine if dunked a few times, but if it’s a regular occurrence, expect some damage to happen. Any moisture that collects inside the circuitry and acculumates, will eventually erode the workings of your iPhone.

3# Cut the power

If submerged in water, open your iPhone and remove the battery immediately. Dry your phone off manually as best you can. Remove the sim card. Do not attempt to blow dry it as this can actually cause tiny amounts of water to be blown into the circuitry.

4# Dry it properly

Place your phone in a warm, dry place to evaporate any additional moisture. Putting it in a Tupperware container with silica gel will help increase the drying process. However, don’t use oats or rice as this can cause humidity.

5# Be patient

Don’t turn on your phone for 48 hours. Three days would be even better. By that time everything should have dried out well enough, and if you got the battery out fast enough after the initial accident, hopefully no lasting damage will have been done.

6# Get a professional opinion

If your phone still isn’t working, book it in with one of our engineers and they will see what can be done. It might be necessary to replace the screen. If that proves to be more costly than the phone is worth, we can usually remove all the data from the phone and save it, so that you can replace the handset and start all over again. We are currently offering a %15 discount on all repairs for customers who book through our Facebook page. So, if you think the repair will be costly, a discount is a good place to start.

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