When will my iPhone 6 be out of date?

The Black Friday sales pitches are screeching with enthusiasm. And if you’ve never owned an iPhone before, it seems as though some models have never been cheaper. But what is the reality of the iPhone 6? Currently, it’s at bargain bucket price levels. But, there’s a reason for the unbelievably generous offers circulating all the iStores… Read on for to finds out more.

Why are iPhone 6’s so cheap?

It seems that when it comes to releasing new models, Apple is up there with some of the most reoccurring brands for releases in the world. Not only are there new models released on a regular basis, but along with this there is also new software and new operating systems too.

This year, Apple released their OS13, which is packed full of new features that haven’t been seen in previous releases. This is good news for those who are using a newer model of the iPhone, but what about those who are still using their older models?

When the news came that iOS 13 was released back in September and that older models wouldn’t be able to support the update, it left many Apple iPhone users wondering whether or not their choice of device would actually be useable.

What the iOS 13 means for the iPhone 6

After the release of this updated software, Apple have confirmed that the oldest model that will be able to support it is the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus. This means that those users who have a iPhone 5 are left out of the upgraded operating system. However, as more features are introduced? The iPhone 6 will also be left behind the curve.

Furthermore, whilst some people were concerned that this meant that their phone wasn’t going to work at all, this is not the case. What has actually happened to those with older models is that the iOS13 update is not able to be installed. The phone will instead run on iOS 12, which is still a fully functioning system, but will not have some of the very best features that Apple are bringing to the table.

So, how long can an iPhone 6 last?

Your iPhone 6 might still be working at the moment, but the update to iOS 13 has probably left you wondering how long this can actually continue. In the short term the update to the new OS probably won’t have too much of an impact. But in the long term, not being able to update to iOS 13 will cause significant problems.

You’ll miss out on all the latest iPhone features. However, the worst case scenario is that your iPhone security will be compromised. Without access to the latest security updates,  but you can also leave yourself vulnerable to security problems too. You will not be able to access new privacy features and security updates, which probably won’t leave you feeling very safe.

iOS 13 and iPhone 6 apps

You will also find that over time, as iOS 13 becomes the norm. Apps that are on the iOS will need this version of the operating system simply to work. This means that you will not be able to keep them on your iPhone 6.  It will be apps such as Facebook and Instagram – and popular messenger apps. At the moment there is no plan to stop the apps being supported for those who have an iPhone 6. But reports suggest that the they could become defunct as early as 2020 – and at the outside, 2021.

Acefast Services iPhone repair Ipswich

The the loss of an iPhone model as a result of technical updates is always sad. That’s because it means more e-waste as users ditch their old (and virtually useless devices) in favour of newer models.

However, don’t despair. Recycle your iPhone. This is very important, because the number of valuable minerals and components that go into iPhone tech, are numerous. Contact your local iStore for details.

And as this is the season to be jolly, not take this as your opportunity to change your phone and get the latest model? We can assure you that you won’t regret trying out everything that the brand new iOS has to offer? Better still, wait until the January sales – or pick up a preloved iPhone bargain or two.

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